First Thursday, 10th Jan

A date for your 2013 diaries. Britannic Wine Club are having a wine tasting at Meadhurst which sounds like a good way to start the year. There are several wine club members among the FT regulars so the rest of us can come as guests. Meet at Meadhurst 6.45pm. See attached for details and let me know if you want a ticket ASAP.

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013.

2 thoughts on “First Thursday, 10th Jan

  1. Admin

    Happy Christmas…to all that know me…

    Trader Joe’s has made it to The Woodlands, TX and are selling their Two Buck Chuck for $2.99….guaranteed to make you blind.

    Come in usual flavors white, red, dark red and pink (not shown)…

    There has been a lot of wine here…below the $5 benchmark, the economy requires some stimulation and so we are drinking more. The Woodlands has had it fair share of drivers going the wrong way down the freeway…but to help overcome that we have moved to a more team drinking approach; HIS and HERS combined…speed drinking saves lives

    Happy New Year…2013 will be AWESOME, if we get beyond tomorrow…


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