"Hey, that's my pint!"

The industrious backroom boys at CatCrackers.com are proud to present their Christmas Quiz. Simply study the photos and, using your skill and judgement, decide where the photo was taken and whose pint glass (or wine glass) is featured. In some of the photos, there may be two or more glasses – you only have to guess one imbiber. A bottle of London Pride for the winner!

Have a great Christmas one and all!

The competition is now closed. The answers are:

Photo 1: 2005, Budapest; Alan – I think (l), Dave (r)
Photo 2: 2003, Whitby; Rae (l), Lesley (r)
Photo 3: 2009, Knockerdown; Maddo
Photo 4: 2006, Symond’s Yat; Alf

I had so many correct entries that I’ve decided the fairest thing is to keep the prize for myself. Cheers!