Cat Crackers in Kettlewell

There I was minding my own business taking a short cut across the little foot bridge that crosses the brook running down to the Racehorses Hotel, when I noticed Scout talking to a strange guy and his wife and two kids… suddenly the strange guy looked strangely familiar… and low and behold it was Roy and his family:

Then next morning as we drove out of Kettlewell over Coverdale, in the distance a strange figure could be seen running uphill… I really I should have been more on the ball and taken his photo, because as the strange figure got closer to the car I realised it was Roy on his early morning run (my Dutch friends were very impressed and think all ex-Cat Crackers maintain this level of fitness!!! From Steve’s recent post it is clear that some of you do!)… If you look very closely Roy is actually in the centre of this photo:

PS. Also good to bump into Alan and Peter recently in the Sheesh Mahal in Twickenham, but sadly no photos of that reunion…

1 thought on “Cat Crackers in Kettlewell

  1. thebeerglass

    Thanks for showing everyone how to use the blog, Katalytica. I’ve been waiting for someone to do a posting about this year’s Eurocat, but nothing…

    I think it’s a case of quantum superposition – Roy runs so fast that there’s a possibility of him appearing in any photo you take anywhere!

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