Monthly Archives: September 2012

Five go mad..

Liz, Pete, Alan and Annie helped me celebrate my birthday with jolly japes on the Watercress line and a yomp across the Hampshire countryside (getting our petticoats muddy). And, yes, there was a Fullers pub in the itinerary. We met at Ropley station and took the 11.16 train to Alton. Then we made the short walk to Chawton and lunched at the Greyfriar. This is Jane Austen’s old local, conveniently just across the road from her house. It’s a little known fact that she liked several pints of ESB before getting out the ink and quills. It would at least explain why she died young.

After an excellent lunch, we tackled several serious inclines and walked back to the cars at Ropley. The train drivers used to describe the Alton-Ropley stretch of the line as: “crossing the Alps”. I think Pete would agree with that.

Thanks to all for lunch, beer, company and a fine walk.