Monthly Archives: October 2007

Second Thursday, Nov 8th, Staines

Dear all,

Top Cat is on holiday this week so meet in The Bells, 124, Church Street, TW18 4YA next thursday at 7.45 pm for food and beer. I have talked to Martin about the Anglers Retreat but it does sound impossibly crowded for a pleasant evening.

See you there


Family Cat Photos

I’ve uploaded my photos from the Family Cat weekend to Flickr; click on any of the thumbnails below to view the whole collection. If anyone else has some photos they’d like to share, post a link here or send them to me.

and here are some photos from the Badger Bite. There were 277 runners and the Cats team put in a highly creditable performance: Alan was 45th in 27.12 (the winner did the 6k in 23.32); I was 49th in 27.50 and Maddo was 101st in 31.07. We all managed to beat Wolves legend Don Goodman (130th in 33.12) but he did have to start the race and wait until everyone had gone past. In the over-50s section, Alan and I were 7th and 8th respectively out of 32. Mind you, we were also headed by two 60-year olds, so there’s hope for us all yet!

First Thursday, Oct 11th, Sunbury

Dear all,

Familycat this weekend-Coalbrookdale Youth hostel booked just for us from Friday to Monday-still space available if you want to come. Because of this I have postponed First Thursday to October 11th. Last year we went to the opening of Liz’s art gallery in October; this year we are going to a Spanish wine tasting with the BP wine club starting at 6.45pm at Sunbury. Tickets £25 to include a selection of Torres wines and a ‘quaffing wine’ to go with the food. Alan needs to get the money and numbers to Jane Boyle by Monday so let me know (if you haven’t already) by Friday morning if you can come .

see you there.