Monthly Archives: February 2007

Death of a T-Shirt

It is with much regret that I announce the demise of a favourite Cat Crackers T-shirt. It has served me loyally these past 20 years: initially as essential social wear, then in footy matches, 3-pubs runs, countless training jogs, mountain expeditions, hikes, and more recently, half-marathons.

The T-shirt made its final outing in the Terminator cross country run, an 11.5 mile mud bath around Pewsey, on Sunday 25th February 2007. All the shirt needed was some emergency laundry treatment and it would have been as good as.., well, maybe not ‘new’, but as good as a 20-year old T-shirt that’s lived a bit. But, when I got home, my resident garment specialist looked at me as if I was mad and pointed in the direction of the bin. I reluctantly agreed. Its time was over. If it could have talked, the shirt would probably have done a speech like that one at the end of ‘Blade Runner’.

Luckily, I’ve got two more of the same design…