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So where is Feltham Hill?

Alanf and I were discussing running and how Feltham Hill Road wasn’t great for hill training. Feltham “Hill” has always puzzled me. If you look at an OS map, “Felthamhill” appears to be behind the Running Horse. There’s not a contour line for miles around – maybe a slight hint of something halfway up Groveley Road on the left at 13m – but that’s probably a low point.
I had a look on at an 1872 map of Sunbury (you can tell I haven’t got much work on at the moment, can’t you?). “Felthamhill” was the name of a hamlet stretching all along the lower bit of Groveley Road but specifically where the parade of shops is now. There was a farm called Feltham Hill Farm where Poplar House was, and a farm called “Meadhurst” halfway down Cadbury Road on the west side (where the restaurant was).
But this still doesn’t solve the problem of the missing hill. I always liked to think that the summit is at the top of Groveley Road by the roundabout. There’s definitely a bit of an incline past the shops. Perhaps there was a bump there originally but, what with gravel extraction and housing development, it’s gone now. But this is all getting a long way from Felthamhill itself.
Anyone got any more info? Where is/was that summit?

Family Cat 5th-7th October 2007

Gosh, we are organised, aren’t we? I’m just about to put a cheque in the post for the deposit so please make sure you’ve put ‘Family Cat’ in your shiny new 2007 diaries. Early intentions regarding likely attendance would be appreciated; I don’t want to be rattling around the building by myself.

The venue: Coalbrookdale YHA.

Welcome! You must be Crackers!

Hi all,

I thought it was time we tried out this new fangled blogging thing. It might work out as a much more friendly and interactive communications medium than the tired old website. Of course, interactivity is not necessarily a good thing, as any of you who’ve tried to organise a CC event will testify. But we are an argumentative lot, getting grumpier by the year, so perhaps we need this sort of platform to let off steam.

We also need a more open forum to contribute stuff. I’m sure lots of you have memorabilia, news or events that you’d like to share but it’s not exactly easy using the website.

I’ve set the blog up so only invited authors can contribute. If you’re on the First Thursday distribution list, you’ll be receiving an invitation to register in the next few days. If you haven’t, drop me an email and I’ll get you on the list.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be moving a lot of the old website stuff over here and then, finally, if it all works out, I’ll get the domain to point over here as well.